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A free workshop on business models in general practice

  • Hear about the experiences of a number of senior GPs who work in a variety of different practice models.
  • Learn about general practice income and how to pick a business model that matches your goals and values.
  • Aimed at new GPs, GP registrars and House Surgeons interested in a career in general practice.


Time Speaker Topic
6:00 - 6:30 Light diner
6:30-6:45 Geoff Cunningham Large general practice owner - non-VLCA
6:45-7:00 Ron Abraham Large general practice owner - VLCA
7:00–7:10 Rupert Scott Solo general practice
7:10–7:20 Jan Widdowson Salaried corporate general practice
7:20–7:30 Kyle Eggleton Academic general practice and long term locum
7:30–7:40 Tanya Quin Short term locum
7:40–7:50 Steve Main Salaried not–for–profit general practice
7:50–8:10 Break
8:10–8:40 Andy Williams Medical Assurance Society
8:40–9:00 Panel discussion
9:00 Conclusion

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