Page for peer group contacts for GPs wishing to join a peer group or for guest speakers who may wish to talk to a peer group. Please contact the Faculty for inclusion on the website

Youth Peer Group


The Whangarei based Youth Peer Group is a collection of general practitioners and nurses working in the area of youth health. We meet on the last Tuesday of the month at Manaia PHO. Our focus is on supporting each other clinically and professionally. Discussions tend to focus on youth specific conditions and managing ethical issues that arise in youth. We welcome new members who are working in school based clinics or adolescent clinics and are able to arrange video conferencing for clinicians outside of Whangarei.

Peer Group #540


Our Kaitaia based Peer group (usually) meets on the second Thursday of each month, between 6 and 8 pm, in Kaitaia Hospital. We are a group of hospital based GPs, community based GPs , and rural hospital doctors.

Harley Peer Group


We are a large group of GPs who meet in Whangarei on the first Tuesday of the month. Due to our size we can not accommodate any more members. However we can be contacted.

Peer Group #406


Peer review group of Broadway Health GP's. We meet every fortnight during our Monday lunch break.

Peer Group #242

Northland Dutch Peer Group

Peer review group of Dutch GP's in Northland. We meet twice a year for a day in a weekend. Reflection on our work, social and cultural differences and medical topics.

Wojcik Peer Group


We have had a stable group for over 15 years...
We meet at the Manaia PHO rooms on the second Tuesday of every month. This group despite being stable for a long time is open to new members

Dianne Davis Peer Group


We meet on a monthly basis, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening but this does varying depending on individual availablilty.

GPEP2 Peer Group


This peer group is a pre-Fellowship learning group. Entry into this group is through the general practice registrar training program. Northland GPs are welcome to make contact with this group if they would like to make a contribution to their learning outcomes.

Peer Group #403


We endeavour to meet once a month, usually 7 to 9 pm at rotating homes or surgeries. The day varies according to people’s schedules but generally on a Tue, Wed or Thurs. We would give consideration to any requests for membership.