Chris Reid


National Advisory Council representative
Mid North representative

I am a GP in Kerikeri and an elected member of the Northland DHB. Originally from the UK, I trained at the University of Newcastle Medical School before spending 10 years in the Royal Marines. I emigrated to New Zealand in 2004 with my wife and two border terriers, and began to develop an interest in portrait photography. This has led to the concept of photographing patients in my GP practice, giving a unique insight into the doctor–patient relationship. One of these photos won the People’s Choice Northland BDO Art Award in 2013.

Tanya Quin

150907_AWDT_Portraits_09 (4).jpg

Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer

Being a locum can be lonely in terms of collegiality at times. My solution to this was to join the board. This has brought me closer to my colleagues and given me a sense of achievement as our symposium, conference and Kapa Kaiaka program strengthen, in not only the academic component but the collegial relationships we have in Northland. Over the time that I have been on the faculty board I also sense that we are developing significance within our college and expect that we will continue this.

There is also something rewarding about debating larger issues over a curry with friends a few times a year.

Kyle Eggleton


Auckland Charitable Research Trust representative
Whangarei representative

I was brought up in Waima in the south Hokianga. My family come from Kauri near Hikurangi, Okaihau and Kerikeri. It was by accident that I ended up in general practice - I ran out of specialities to try as a young doctor. I work as a Medical Officer for Ki a Ora Ngātiwai an iwi health provider; a Senior Lecturer at Auckland University in the Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care; and as a youth health doctor in a Northland high school. My research areas of interest are in equity and access to primary care, quality improvement in general practice and educational research.

steve main.jpg

Mid North representative

I am an escaped Pom - grew up in London. Spent 9 years as a physiologist undertaking research on male reproductive physiology (probably explains my ability to talk balls!) - got bored with that so back to med school, then toyed with the idea of a few specialities - enjoyed them all so therefore obvious to become a Generalist. I was a GP in Dargaville for 6 months in 1986 then back to England and GP in Norfolk for 13 years. Have been in NZ since 2001 working for 6 years in Dargaville and then in the Hokianga. I have special interests in chronic pain, rural generalist medicine and the problems of social inequality and health.

Geoff Cunningham

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Whangarei representative

I am a Capricorn who enjoys long walks on the beach only if it ends in getting into the boat to go diving, fishing or towing my two mad kids around at breakneck speed. I am forced to work as a partner at the Bush Road Medical Centre to pay for my lifestyle where I still enjoy my patients but loathe my paperwork. Married to Trina, a senior psychiatry registrar at WBH who is still trying to work me out. Born and (in) bred in Whangarei it’s nice to be back in the north which has so much to offer.

Despite being frantically busy at work I still make time for Whitecross Board, College and assorted PHO commitments because it’s I feel it’s vitally important that General Practice is looked after in this town because if we don’t stand up we will all lose out. (That’s also a request for other young GPs to join us with these ongoing commitments…).

Damian Wojcik

Whangarei representative

I am a graduate from Auckland Medical School in 1979, completed House Surgeon years in Northland, and I now work as a General Practitioner in Whangarei. I practise Integrative Medicine and combine mainstream with natural medicine at the Northland Environmental Health Clinic founded in 2001. I have studied and treated patients with environmental illness for 20 years. Am a fellow and lecturer at ACNEM. As a clinical metal toxicologist I have has co-authored two published research papers on mercury toxicity. Am also a forensic physician with a Masters in Forensic Medicine from Monash University. From 1984 to 1990 I was a Trappist monk at Kopua Monastery, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. I am married with five daughters. My current interests include watercolour painting, sailing, tennis, building, philosophy, and meditation.

Michael Hogan

Kaipara representative

I have lived and worked here forever (since early 1980s which is close) - I guess life has passed by without my noticing too much. I have always enjoyed the general of general practice, but have gotten involved in teaching on some emergency courses, APLS and EMST, which provides more interest. I have completed Rural Hospital doctor grandparenting stuff also - not sure how useful it is to me.

I am moderately famous for being attacked by a shark. It flipped me out of my kayak 1.5km off shore but left me otherwise intact.

Norma Nehren

Norma Nehren.jpg

Far North representative

Since 2007 I have been living the good life in Ahipara where I stare at the sea for long periods of time. When I am not at home I can be found battling a computer into submission, trying to be disruptive in meetings, hosting medical students, and of course taking care of my patients at Te Hiku Hauora GP Clinic in Kaitaia.

I love working as a GP and thoroughly immersing myself in the creative aspects of medical director activities and medical informatics. I believe that finding resiliency and joy in life is all about our faith, our relationships, and learning something new every day, every month, every year. Oh, and also about manipulating everyone into playing board/card games at my house when they visit!

Emma Clare


Mid North representative

Kia ora koutou, I am a GP registrar currently working in Kaikohe. I studied at Otago University and worked for several years in Auckland Hospitals, spending most of my time in paediatrics. I have an interest in child and youth health. My role in the faculty is Kapa Kaiaka coordinator and I am excited to be a part of growing that initiative. In my spare time I enjoy travel, diving, camping, hiking, and good food and wine. I am married to a Northland local and happily child-free at present.

Steve Thrupp


Kaipapa representative

I am a GP based in Dargaville on the spectacular west coast of Northland. I have a particular interest in workforce development in our region and would encourage young doctors to look around at the significant lifestyle experiences on offer in wonderful Northland and in rural general practice in general. I am grateful for the opportunities general practice affords me as a clinician and as an individual outside of medicine. Come join us in rural New Zealand!