Charitable Trust of the Auckland Faculty RNZCGP

Application form for research, travel or training grant

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Details of application
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Present project under the following headings: 1. Background 2. Aim/objectives 3. Methodology 4. Relevance & importance to NZ general practice 5. Budget of project 6. Justification of budget 7. Dissemination of research results 8. Timetable 9. References
Present travel application under the following headings: 1. Objectives 2. Itinerary 3. Significance of trip 4. Communication of learning to other GPs 5. Budget
Present training applications under the following headings: 1. Objectives 2. Description of training 3. Dissemination of training to other GPs 4. Costs
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other information
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Administrative agreement
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A report will be supplied at the end of the project or at any time requested by the Charitable Trust of the Auckland Faculty of the RNZCGP