November Faculty Board Meeting

The Board of the Northland Faculty met on the 18th November. A brief summary of the minutes are below. Full minutes can be found on the website.

  • Discussion on the results of the recent survey sent out to members. Of note the majority of respondants wanted the Faculty to become involved in clinical governance issues and political advocacy.
  • Website update. Additions agreed to the website include a page about the Board members and a forum for Northland GPs to give their viewpoint
  • Feedback from the recent National Advisory Council meeting was received from Chris Reid. The Board decided to become more proactive in engaging with the central college through this committee.
  • Planning of the Russell 2015 conference. Tentative speakers at this stage include Roger Tuck, Brandon Wong, Andrew McClelland, Alistair Patrick, Felicity Goodyear-Smith and John Kennelly. It was agreed to make the conference have a focus on urgent/acute care.
  • Mentoring and support of Registrars discussed. Some members of the Board will meet and welcome new registrars in early December. A registrar will be invited to join the Board. Registrars will also be asked to contribute to the annual symposium in October and a prize will be offered.
  • Engagement of medical students. As a cohort of both year 5 and year 6 medical students will be based in Northland next year it was agreed to invite medical students to the annual conference to deliver poster presentations. A $250 prize will be given for the best poster.

Members section added

A members section has been added to the website. This contains minutes of Board meetings. This page is currently password protected and to access the page you will need to contact the site administrator. Additional pages been added include a site for locums to advertise and be contacted and a site for peer groups that are willing to be contacted by GPs wishing to join or guest speakers who would like to talk to a peer group. Please contact the site administrator to be added to this page

July Meeting of Northland Faculty Board

The Northland Faculty Board had a meeting at Kawakawa Hospital. Items on the agenda were:
1. Building relationships with registrars
2. Developing a website
3. Discussing the faculty direction
4. Planning for the annual symposium in Waitangi
5. Finances

Outcomes from the meeting were that it was agreed that further work would be done on developing relationships with registrars and encouraging mentoring. A website was agreed to be developed and the annual symposium was to be title Not Just a GP!

Date of next Board meeting to be decided later