Summary of minutes of the Manaia Clinical Advisory Committee meeting

Meeting held 11th August 2014

Proposed Northland Clinical Governance Forum

It has been proposed that a Northland wide clinical governance forum be established to provide clinical governance across Northland. This group would particularly focus on clinical programmes involving both hospital and community services. Further work is required to establish the group.

Gardasil Vaccination

Concern raised regarding the low uptake of Gardasil. Manaia PHO will look at what can be done to raise the profile of the vaccination.

Integrated Performance Incentive Framework

IPIF will be replacing PPP. There will be initially four targets - cervical screening, cardiovascular risk assessment, smoking cessation brief advice (25% of funding each), immunisation at 8 months (15% of funding) and immunisation at 2 years (10% of funding). More targets are likely over time.

PHO Health Target Performance Results

Smoking cessation brief advice was over achieved against the target. Cervical screening didn't meet the target. Vaccination rates achieved for 8 month olds but not for 2 year olds.