Kapa Kaiaka women's health session

The Northland Faculty is pleased to announce that it is hosting a Kapa Kaiaka skills session on the 31st August. This session is aimed at registrars and Kapa Kaiaka fellows who wish to upskill in Jadelle, Mirena and IUD insertions. The evening is led by Dr Orna McGinn, who has developed Goodfellow Unit modules on womens health, and involves some pre-reading activities, a practical session and then ongoing supervision by senior GPs. Please register your interest by contacting Dr Gabby Montgomery the Kapa Kaiaka co-ordinator: gabrielle.montgomery@gmail.com. There is a maximum number of 15 places available.

The faculty is also looking for senior GPs who would be able to undertake ongoing supervision of newer GPs in Jadelle, IUD and Mirena insertions. Please contact Gabby if you can help out.