Women’s Health Evening

The Kapa Kaiaka group was lucky enough to host Dr. Orna McGinn, from Auckland, for an evening of education regarding long acting reversible contraceptives. This was held at Te Whare Ora O Tikipunga and thirteen Kapa Kaiaka GPs from throughout Northland attended the evening. The goal of the session was to become more informed about the use of LARCs and have some skills based teaching regarding insertion of Jadelles, Mirena, and Copper IUDs. The session started with teaching by Orna and then there was opportunity for practice on models provided by Anton Garrido of Bayer. After the session we have endeavoured to match Kapa Kaiaka trainees with GPs who are already experienced in inserting IUDs and Jadelles in order to gain some supervised experience. There is a lack of a standardised training protocol for LARC insertions in NZ and Orna is instrumental in attempting to get one up and running, so we were very lucky to benefit from her expertise. Obviously a major barrier to LARC access for patients is the availability of GPs who are able to perform their insertions, so hopefully this session will enable a newer cohort of GPs to start learning these skills and increase patient access to LARCs in the future.