Final week for Early Bird Registration

This is the last week for early bird registration for the annual Russell Conference. Register now before prices increase!

One of the speakers at the conference is Felicity Goodyear-Smith. Felicity is Professor of General Practice at the University of Auckland and has published numerous studies. Her particular area of research interest is in identifying anxiety and depression in a general practice setting. She has been instrumental in designing an electronic screening tool (eChat) to screen for mental health and addiction issues within general practice. Felicity will deliver two talks. The first will address some of the presenting features of, and risk factors for, depression and anxiety in adolescents, how to identify and a step-wise approach towards management. Her second talk is on social contagion. Social contagion is a mass sociogenic illness involving a condition that spreads within a social group, but does not seem to have a common organic cause. This talk presents a number of reported cases dating from the Middle Ages to the present, with a fascinating example that occurred in Auckland in 1973.