Meeting of the Northland Clinical Governance Forum

Northland Clinical Governance Forum

The Northland Clinical Governance Forum is a collective of NDHB, PHO and Faculty representatives that provide clinical governance on issues impacting on integration and the primary-secondary interface. Three Faculty Board members sit on the Clinical Governance Forum - Geoff Cunningham, Mark Lankshear and Kyle Eggleton. The second meeting of the Clinical Governance Forum was held on the 25th February and a summary of the meeting is presented below. What is important to note is that many of the issues raised by GPs and discussed on the Faculty website were discussed at the Clinical Governance Forum and helped to guide the Board members in representing the views of GPs. The Board would like to encourage GPs to continue to express their views on issues by posting concerns on the website. This ongoing dialogue will result in the voice of GPs being heard at a higher decision making level.

Clinical Pathways

Northland DHB has agreed to implement the Canterbury Health Pathways in Northland. These are a collection of primary care pathways that have been designed by GPs in Canterbury. Ultimately the pathways will be available directly within GPs PMS e.g. MedTech or MyPractice. One of the issues that the Faculty reps raised was the importance of Northland GPs being involved in the 'Northlandisation' of the pathways. A way that this could be achieved was if each peer group was given a pathway to review and ensure that it was relevant to Northland and practical. This could be achieved if each peer group nominated one person to attend a brief meeting discussing the implementation and review of pathways and then chose a pathway to take back to their peer group. Please let the Board know what your thoughts are on this idea by following this link.

Followup of results

We all hate the words "GPs to chase...". The NDHB has drafted a policy on expectations relating to followup of results. This goes a long way to addressing many of the issues that we as GPs have with transfer of care documents. A summary of the policy is as follows:

  • It is not appropriate for GPs to followup hospital histology results.
  • Responsibility for following up a test lies with the person who ordered it.
  • GPs can not be asked to follow up a test results unless there are clear instructions on what to do with an abnormal result.
  • If results are not forwarded to a GP then responsibility for locating the test results lie with the ordering clinician.
  • The language used in transfer of care documents must be appropriate e.g. not to ask GPs to chase

Overall the Faculty Board endorses the draft policy. However the Faculty reps did raise the ongoing issue of inaccuracy of the NDHB GP databases with results and letters often going to the wrong GP or practice. We have been reassured that NDHB is aware if the issue and that there are some long term plans to improve things.