National Advisory Council Meeting

Chris Reid is the Northland Faculty representative sitting on the National Advisory Council (NAC) of the RNZCGP. The NAC met recently and the following is Chris's report.

  1. The college now has new premises. These are very nice with a visitors area (with wifi available). College members are welcome to call in if in Wellington.
  2. Faculties are encouraged to spend their money and not accumulate funds. Some examples that the college suggests are that faculties:
    • Fund members to attend College conference, fund trainers to attend education events, fund medical students and registrars to attend conference and symposium.
    • Director and governance training through the Institute of Directors)
    • Prizes
    • Research
    • Promotional material/media to attract GP’s
  3. College will continue to keep close eye on the new ACC/urgent care contract and ensure that the generalist role of GP's is not undermined.
  4. Faculties are encouraged to promote Kapa Kaiaka. Some suggestions include looking at a patron for registrar training (similar to police training).
  5. The New Zealand Health Strategy was discussed and members are encouraged to give feedback to College for their submission.
  6. IT - the current legislation allows sharing of clinical records based on patients signing their enrolment registration. All PHO’s were advised on the template. However Graeme Osborne (National IT health board) acknowledges more clarity needs to be given.
  7. College to be invited to participate (and/or receive minutes) of Northland training plan (for undergrads to registrars).