September Faculty Board Meeting

The Faculty Board met at Kawakawa Hospital on the 29th September and discussed a number of issues. These included setting the Faculty direction, engagement with registrars, update on the Waitangi Symposium and planning for the annual Russell Conference.

  1. Faculty direction: decided to send a SurveyMonkey questionnaire out to members to determine how members view the Faculty and the direction that they would like to see it head.
  2. New registrars will be arriving on the 8th December. Members of the Board will meet with the registrars on the 9th December to outline to Faculty's role and will also invite a registrar to become a Board member as an Associate.
  3. Waitangi Symposium registration numbers tracking along nicely and hopefully will have close to 80 GPs and practice nurses attending
  4. Brainstorm of potential speakers for the Russell conference. Aiming for similar format as in 2014 with a mix of GP academics, local specialists, invited specialists and historian as speakers. Date has been set for the 16th and 17th of May 2015
  5. Look at inviting GP students in Northland to submit presentations at the annual symposium to compete for a prize of $250.
  6. Invite Registrars to present their audits at the conference to compete for a prize of $250

Complete minutes are found here