Feedback from Faculty survey

Survey sent by Survey Monkey to 51 GPs who had attended the Waitangi Symposium. The response rate was low however the Faculty Board is still interested in receiving feedback from its members to assist it in setting a strategic direction.

Waitangi 2014 Symposium

How would you rate the Waitangi Symposium?

V poor Poor Good V good Excellent
Number 0 0 3 8 4
Percent 0 0 20 53 27

What were the things that you enjoyed about the Waitangi Symposium?

Themes Number
Collegiality 7
15min talks 6
Local GP experiences[1] 4
Venue 3
Topics relevant to general practice 3
Lunch 2

What were some aspects of the Waitangi Symposium that could be improved?

Themes Number
Equipment[2] 4
More relevant topics 2
Signage 1
Time keeping 1
Coffee/tea on time 1
Venue 1

Faculty Direction

Would you wish to see the Northland Faculty having a political advocacy role?

Response Number Percentage
Yes 11 73
No 2 13
Don’t know 2 13


Comments related to wanting to have a local voice at local and national level. This was to emphasise Northland issues and advocate for greater resources and equitable funding for general practice.

Would you wish to see the Northland Faculty having a clinical advocacy role?

Response Number Percentage
Yes 13 87
No 0 0
Don’t know 2 13


Comments related to having a voice on Northland wide projects and to support GPs in a collegial way, especially those who might be struggling

What sort of role would you like to see the Faculty have with the PHOs?

Respondants wanted the Faculty to be an intermediary and advocate for GPs with the PHOs

The Faculty is interested in supporting GPs in their first five years post PRIMEX. What ideas do you have on how to achieve this?

Themes Number
Mentoring 5
Workforce planning 1
Placements 1

What do you see as being the three priority areas for the Faculty?

First priority

Themes Number
Education 5
Workforce 2
Clinical governance 2
Communication 2
Political advocacy 1

Second priority

Themes Number
Collegiality 3
Political advocacy 2
Clinical governance 1
Education 1
Mentoring 1
Workforce development 1

Third priority

Themes Number
Political advocacy 2
Research 2
Workforce development 2
Communication 2
Clinical governance 2
Education 1

Top three weighted priorities[3]:

  1. Education
  2. Workforce development
  3. Clinical governance

Net Promoter Score

How likely is it that you would recommend the activities of the Northland Faculty to a friend or colleague?

Result = 13[4]

  1. Pre-diabetes project singled out in particular  ↩

  2. Better projector, audio, internet  ↩

  3. Weight of 3 given to first priorities, 2 to second priorities and 1 to third priorities  ↩

  4. Score used to guage loyalty of relationships with members. A positive score is good, a score of 50 is excellent  ↩