Reflections on the Waitangi Symposium

Not Just a GP was an entirely apt title for the recent Waitangi symposium. Jon Wilcox, the only non-Northland presenter was impressed with the collegiality demonstrated by Northland GP's at the well attended symposium.

Our Northland GP's have a wealth of specialist skills and a wide variety of interests, from mindfulness and philosophical concepts to hard stats on overdiagnosis and 'Why GP's are better than Specialists' (perhaps best kept to ourselves!).

Inspiring GPwSIs presented their knowledge and experience raising issues around the relationship between GPwSIs and the DHB. These issues will be put on the agenda for the Board to further address. GPs who have a burning special interest and need support to to take the next step should contact the board via the website.

Successful GP lead local projects were presented. The relationship between Northlands A&D service and Dargaville’s detox unit was refreshing. Collaboration between GP's, pharmacists and practice staff proves that Northland is a great place to put these health ideas into action. Concerns about representation of GP's on boards when decisions are being made about health issues in Northland were raised and will also be put on the Board’s agenda.

Copies of the speakers presentations are available on the website. The website also includes resources for Northland GPs, photos from the symposium. as well as an opportunity to feedback to the Board who will now focus on the Faculty’s direction and the Russell Conference planning. Please review the rest of the website which now includes