General information

Kapa Kaiaka loosely translates as ‘a group of experts.’ The Kapa Kaiaka programme was introduced by the RNZCGP in 2015. One of the key elements of this initiative is the mentoring of new Fellows; the intention being that the current experts may facilitate the transition of new GPs through the early years of their career and foster them into their role as emerging experts. The Northland Faculty has developed a mentoring programme to facilitate this. Hopefully the Kapa Kaiaka programme will also deepen the sense of community within GPs in Northland and enable greater inclusion of our newer GPs. The Kapa Kaiaka programme within the RNZCGP also includes help with starting in practice, business management, medico-legal issues, managing your personal health, professional development and quality standards in primary care.

About Northland Kapa Kaiaka

The vision statement for the Northland Kapa Kaiaka programme is:

To identify and support the next generation of GPs

The Northland faculty of Kapa Kaiaka started in 2016. We have developed a quality mentoring programme with a variety of mentors. As part of the Northland Kapa Kaiaka programme we are hoping to increase the sense of involvement in the wider general practice community for newer GPs, and we run a number of events to this end. We would love to hear your suggestions, please contact us!

The definition used for mentoring is ‘informal and confidential discussions between a mentor and mentee to support the mentee in career development’. Things that a mentor may help with include new learning, personal support, career planning, and maximising a mentees’ potential to become a well rounded and happy GP.

With the Northland community of GPs being relatively small in number this is also a chance for us to get to know each other better and thus enhance our sense of community and to develop professional networks.

If you are interested in being a mentor or a mentee please get in contact with the Kapa Kaiaka Coordinator.

How does the mentoring programme work?

The Kapa Kaiaka Coordinator oversees the recruitment of mentors and matching of mentors with mentees. The Kapa Kaiaka Coordinator reports to the Faculty Board. All doctors who have an interest in becoming a mentor are encouraged to become involved. Ideally we would like a wide range of mentors to enable appropriate matching with our newer general practice community.

During the year a number of social events are held where registrars and new Fellows meet informally with mentors. This provides mentees with the opportunity to engage and meet with potential mentors. In addition mentors and mentees each write up a profile of themselves. The Kapa Kaiaka Coordinator acts as a liaison between potential mentors and mentees to complete the matching process based on the top choices of the mentee.

Timeline of activities in Northland

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Two year plan

Our two year plan from 2018 - 2020 is to extend the Kapa Kaiaka programme to registrars, House Surgeons and Medical Students who have an intention of staying in Northland to pursue a career in general practice. We would hope that we would be able to recruit the following numbers into the progamme:

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